Isaac Ghinai

I am an Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) in Public Health. My main interest is in the control of infectious diseases that affect vulnerable populations around the world. I currently split my time between Oxfordshire County Council (where I am working on a health needs assessment of homeless adults) and the Big Data Institute (where I work with a research group utilising malaria genetics for epidemiological and public health decision making). l completed my medical degree (2014), academic foundation training (2016) and a BSc in International Health (2011) at UCL, have held research positions at LSHTM and Imperial College Institute for Global Health. I have worked in clinical, research and public health roles in various countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa and interned with global policy making bodies including the World Health Organisation and Chatham House. In July 2019, at the end of my ST2, I will go out of programme for two years to train with the Epidemic Intelligence Service at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.