Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures professionals develop and maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to practise effectively in their field of work.  For individuals registered with regulatory bodies, CPD is mandatory to maintain professional status and compliance.  It is a registrant’s personal responsibility to keep their learning and development up-to-date.

CPD requirements will vary will vary depending on your professional regulator.  For public health professionals who are Members or Fellows of the UK Faculty of Public Health, further information can be found on the website’s CPD tab.

For public health practitioners registered with the UKPHR, guidance is available on their website.


The Faculty of Public Health is the standard setting body for specialists in public health in the UK. It is a joint Faculty of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom (London, Edinburgh and Glasgow). It is a very useful source of information about specialist training in public health.




Royal Society for Public Health is an independent multi-disciplinary charity dedicated to the improvement of the public’s health and wellbeing.


The UK Public Health Register The register for those from backgrounds other than medicine.


Centre for Workforce Intelligence published a reports on the core public health workforce.


PHORCaST – Describes the several careers open to people interested in public health and provides guidance about how to explore a career in public health.


Training in Public Health – Soundcloud  Working in public health requires a wide range of multidisciplinary skills.  This podcast is a platform for sharing experiences of working and training in public health across a range of organisations to improve population health: 

Topics include:  The UK PH Register (UKPHR); Armed Conflict and Health; MFPH Part B Exam; Preparing for Consultant Interviews. 


‘Public Health Ethics in Practice’ – a background paper to the Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (GOV.UK website)