David Munday

I completed the training scheme in August 2019 and am now the Consultant in Public Health at Reading Borough Council.

I am a nurse by background, and having worked in a variety of areas, my role prior to joining the training scheme was to programme manage the roll out of the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme in Oxfordshire. Whilst working in this role I also undertook an MSc in Public Health at Oxford Brookes University.

Whilst on the training scheme I undertook a range of placements covering the different domains of public health, at both local and national levels. In my final year of training I worked as an Acting Consultant in two different Local Authorities which helped to prepare me for the substantive role I now do.

Reading is an interesting and vibrant place to practice public health with some quite stark health inequalities. In my post I am responsible for the full range of public health services that sit with Local Authorities. I also have a role in the newly formed Berkshire West Integrated Care Partnership and lead on suicide prevention across Berkshire as a whole. It is definitely a role that requires a broad set of skills and knowledge, much of which I have developed whilst in training. In time, I am keen to see Reading developed as a training location for Registrars because I think there are plenty of interesting and varied opportunities for learning here.