Sam Williamson

I joined the training scheme in 2013 with limited experience of Public Health but was interested in healthcare public health, moving from managing individuals to influencing healthcare at the system level. Through the five years of training I was able to focus my placements and gain useful experience to work as a consultant.

I worked in a range of training locations, including local authorities, academic departments and acute trusts as well as completing the MSc in Global Health Science. I was involved in a number of interesting projects including two large scale NHS England initiatives looking to improving health outcomes for the whole population. Being involved in these initiatives helped to develop key skills for working as a consultant. After the end of my training I took up a role as a consultant in Public Health within a clinical commissioning group, leading on data intelligence and population health management.

The training scheme provided me with new perspective on health and satisfield my desire to influence the health and wellbeing of people on a larger scale. The scheme offered a wide range of opportunities to gain experience and pursue interests across all the disciplines of Public Health, supported along the way by excellent supervisors. My interest is in healthcare public health and there are countless opportunities to get stuck in to some exciting work that is happening in the area.