Lizzie Moore

I started my public health training in 2014, after finishing foundation medical training in London and a further two years working in sexual and reproductive health research in South Africa. My interest in public health developed during medical school, through greater awareness of the wider determinants of health, and in particular the influence of politics on differential health outcomes between population groups. An intercalated BSc in International Health at UCL really helped to contextualise my clinical experiences and set me off towards a career in public health. I am particularly interested in public mental health as well as issues around minority and underserved populations, such as ethnic minorities and migrants. I completed my MSc in Global Health Sciences in 2015, and training placements so far have included Oxfordshire County Council, the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit and PHE’s national maternity team. I have also recently taken a few months out of training to work as a junior doctor in clinical psychiatry, which gave me some really useful insights into the mental health system in the UK and how the wider public health system can impact health inequalities faced by people with mental illness. I am now in ST3 and enjoying combining less than full-time training with parenthood, which I feel fully supported to do. I still cannot answer the question of where I want to be in 10 years, but the training programme is definitely the best way of helping me to get there!