Public Health Practitioners work across the breadth of public health to protect and improve the health and well-being of communities and individuals, and reduce health inequalities.

The Thames Valley Public Health Practitioner Development Scheme has been in place since 2012.  The Scheme is a quality assured local assessment scheme to enable practitioners to join the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) to gain professional Practitioner Registration. 

The scheme is open to those working in the Thames Valley area – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.  For those working outside the area, please see the UKPHR website for your local scheme.

To learn more of the Thames Valley programme, please read our 2020 Scheme Flyer.

The  process trains you to be more reflective and identify improvements in your practice” (previous participant)

What is expected of practitioners applying to the Scheme?  

Individuals successfully accepted on to the Scheme’s cohort will be expected to submit three pieces of work to create an e-portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and application of their ability to work at Level 5 of the career framework.  There are 34 standards to address, which have been mapped to the Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework.

The portfolio of evidence will be reviewed by UKPHR trained Assessors and verified by a panel to inform a recommendation to UKPHR.

The cohort will be expected to submit their completed e-portfolio within 10 months.  Interested applicants should carefully consider the amount of work involved and the amount of personal time expected to be able to meet deadlines.

The Scheme supports practitioners through the provision of four learning sets during the year facilitated by an Educator who is a Registered Practitioner.   Individuals are also encouraged to attend the Faculty of Public Health Masterclasses.

Applications for the 2020 scheme will open 20 September 2019.

The recruitment timeline for the 2019-20 intake is as follows:

1. Applications open: Wednesday 18 September 2019
2. Webinar: Wednesday 9 October 2019
3. Applications close:  Saturday 2 November 2019
4. Notification of application outcome: by Wednesday 13 November 2019
5. Interviews to be held: Thursday 28 November 2019 (in Oxford)
6. Notification of interview outcome by Wednesday 4 December 2019

7. Induction held Thursday 12 December 2019

If you have any queries about the Scheme, please contact

Useful links

‘Understanding the Public Health Practitioner Workforce’, 2016 CfWI

–  UKPHR Publicity Leaflet

–  Evaluation of the Thames Valley Scheme 2016 Report

–  The Faculty of Public Health supports ‘Practitioner Membership’.  To learn more please see the FPH website