Lucy Hubber

Having completed my final year of training at the end of 2018, I am currently a Consultant at Luton Borough Council.

My background is based in health service management, with a strong focus on public health topics. I started my career working on a project to embed evidence-based medicine into the commissioning of healthcare services and subsequently managed and commissioned cancer services, maternity & women’s health and health services for children and young people.

I joined the training scheme in 2011 and have appreciated that I have been supported to work part-time. I completed the MSc in Global Health and then spent some time with the emerging NHS England planning the commissioning of public health services for 0-5 year olds. I enjoyed health protection placements, largely as they were such a change from my previous experience. I chose to undertake a number of placements in this area, including working in environmental hazards. I am currently based in a local authority, delivering health protection projects and working with the CCG to provide healthcare public health input.

I am passionate about teaching and have been fortunate to develop modules and teach public health to undergraduate medical students in two medical schools: Oxford and Buckingham, as well as various Master-level courses. I devised and deliver a programme to support Registrars to pass the Part B examination and act as a mentor and assessor to the Practitioner Programme of the UKPHR.